Safety and Environment Philosophy

    Safety Philosophy

    The Company places the greatest importance on the safety and health of its employees and employees of its subcontractors and client and will do its utmost to provide a safe and healthy working environment at all times, to provide proper safety required for the job, to safeguard the natural enviroment by taking into account of any statutory requirement.

    The Company will take all reasonable steps to provide the best possible care in design, construction and maintenance of equipment and facilities for employees and general responsibility of management to set high standard of safety and to carry out its operation with the highest regard for the welfare and health of all its employees.

    The company will instill and promote safety consciousness among its employees and its subcontractor employes to prevent accident and injuries.

    All employees are expected to be familiar with the relevant statutory requirements, codes of practice and company’s procedures. They must not themeselves of the man under their control or subcontractor employees to carry out unsafely.

    At the same times, it is equally the duty of every employee and subcontractor employee to exercise personal responsibility and do every thing to prevent injury to himself and his colleagues.

    The company recognizes the prevention of accidents is a joint effort. We should co-operate as a team to make out company the best place to work in.

    In taking steps to ensure a safe working enviroment, the company and contractor’s employees are to aim for no casualties on execution of all works and prevent the occurrence of lost time and significant accidents.

    Safety and Environment Philosophy

    Safety as well as environmental qquestions and action is always part of Intanco Engineering Sdn Bhd. Policy. We ensuree that we have focus on safety at all times. This means personal safety as well as other peoples and equipment safety.

    It is the responsibility of all employees to follow the safety rules and to maintain safe and healthy working conditions taking account of any statutory requirements.

    With the above statements fully implemented, it will contribute to improve the followings.
    • Reduce human suffering and increase the economical results.
    • To ensure the safety system as well as other control system can be implemented and maintained.
    • All employees have responsible attitude toward health, environment and safety.
    • Intanco Enngineering Sdn. Bhd management will make sure that all employees and possible subcontractors follow this safety and enviroment philosophy when working with any Intanco Engineering Sdn. Bhd. Project.
    Intanco Engineering Sdn Bhd ensures the requirements to give proper training and instructions to enable all their employees to perform their work safely and efficiently. Management at all levels accepts part of their responsibility the need for and value of preventing as well as hindering injuries and illnesses.